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Online Courses Gr. 10-12

​​Registration is now open for the 2023/24 school year commencing September 2023. Please note: all applicants must reside within the Central Okanagan to be eligible for registration with eSchool23 for the 2023/24 school year. Proof of residency will be required.

Full-time or part-time students work at their own pace online (asynchronously). Courses are free for residents of the Central Okanagan and count fully towards graduation and university/college prerequisites.​ Many students are cross-enrolled with local schools. Students have regular access to teacher support either by phone, video con​ference, or email. In-person support may be coordinated in unique circumstances if necessary. â€‹
*Students are expected to make regular progress averaging AT LEAST 3 hours per week in any online course. Students that are not ready to begin a course right away (i.e. planning to start at a later time) should wait and register when they are ready to start.

Graduated and/or Ungraduated Adults: we recommend you contact our eSchool23 Registrar Suzanne Callaghan ( for course selection advice prior to registration.

Grade 10-12 Course offerings include:​

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​Grade 10:​ ​

Career Life Education
(2 credit options available upon request - CLE10A & CLE 10B)

Foundations of Math & Pre-calculus 10

Workplace Math 10

English 10

Science 10

Social Studies 10

English 10 - First Peoples

*Meets criteria for Indigenous-Focused Grad Requirement

​Physical Education 10


Grade 11:

Workplace Math 11 (Discontinued)

Recommended alternate course > Apprenticeship Math 12

English 11

English 11 - First Peoples

*Meets criteria for Indigenous-Focused Grad Requirement

Pre-Calculus Math 11

Physics 11​

Psychology 11

Foundations Math 11

Chemistry 11

Science for Citizens 11
​Biology 11 (Life Sciences)
​Career Life Connections

(2 credit options available upon request - CLC12A & CLC 12B)

​​Robotics 11 (ADST)
​Accounting 11 (ADST)
​Foods 11​ (ADST)

*If interested in Social Studies 11, please see Social Studies 12 options below.

Grade 12:​ ​

English 12

English First Peoples 12

*Meets criteria for Indigenous-Focused Grad Requirement​

Pre-Calculus Math 12

Calculus Math 12

Apprenticeship Mathematics 12

Foundations Math 12

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

Biology 12 (Anatomy & Physiology)

​​Social Studies 12: Contemporary Indigenous Studies

*Meets criteria for Indigenous-Focused Grad Requirement

​Social Studies 12: BC First Peoples

*Meets criteria for Indigenous-Focused Grad Requirement

Social Studies 12: Social Justice

Social Studies 12: Law Studies

Social Studies 12: Physical Geography

Foods 12 (ADST)

Work Experience 12​

​Career Life Connections
(2 credit options available upon request - CLC12A & CLC 12B)

Tourism 12 (ADST)
​Child Development & Caregiving 12 (ADST)​
​Active Living 12 (PHE)
​Digital Media & Video Game
Development 12 (ADST)
​Entrepreneurship 12 (ADST)