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At-Home Technology
​​csm_2002346521_490a7a6fa2.jpgGiven the context of our learning environment, students and teachers will be interacting primarily with digital tools. Platforms will vary by teacher and grade level, but some common tools include Zoom video conferencing, GSuite for Education, D2L Brightspace and SeeSaw.  Access to reliable personal learning devices and high speed internet are essential for this online learning environment. Our youngest learners may be fine with a standard computer or tablet like an iPad; however, students in grades 2-12 should have access to a productivity device such as a desktop computer, laptop or Chromebook. If necessary, eSchool23 is able to loan devices to learners within the local region upon the receipt of a refundable deposit. Please contact us if you need assistance securing a personal learning device.

District Volume Purchasing Option

imgbin-shopping-cart-computer-icons-online-shopping-online-shop-Zd2haDgJcVDMAGfgMJauMUaB1-removebg-preview.pngIf you would like to purchase a device, Central Okanagan Public Schools is able to extend its educational volume purchasing pricing to families. This would provide access to the same ruggedized, school-quality personal learning devices used in our local schools, and sold at cost to families in our community. For more information, please visit the main website for Central Okanagan Public Schools > Personal Learning Devices.