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Homeschool Information

By law, all children in B.C. must be educated, making it necessary for homeschooled children to be registered. Homeschooling comes with great responsibility – choosing this option means parents must provide and supervise their child’s entire educational program, including curriculum and learning materials.

eSchool23 is an online school within Central Okanagan Public Schools. We are able to offer students flexible schedules while sustaining access to teaching and learning opportunities provided by public school teachers; however, we are not a traditional "homeschooling" program. We follow the standard school district calendar with classes/courses beginning in September and closing at the end of June.

Families seeking an alternative to traditional elementary or middle schools may choose to enroll with eSchool23 or another online learning program in the province. Programs are free for residents of BC.​ is a provincial site that allows families to search for suitable programs across the province.  Alternatively, parents/guardians may choose to homeschool their child(ren) in accordance with BC Ministry o​​f Education Homeschool Policy.

What’s the difference between “homeschooling” and “online learning”?

(includes responsibilities of schools & districts)