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Online Learning in Central Okanagan Public Schools
Online Courses Gr. 10-12
Full-time or part-time students work at their own pace online (asynchronously). Many students are cross-enrolled with local schools. Students have regular access to teacher support either by phone, video conference, email or in person. Each secondary school in the district also has a local eSchool23 teacher contact for additional school-based support.
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*Students are expected to make regular progress averaging to AT LEAST 3 hours per week in any online course. Students that are not ready to begin a course right away (i.e. planning to start at a later time) should wait and register when they are ready to start.
Note: ​We are currently offering a new synchronous model for some of the core courses (Eng/Math/Sci/Soc) delivered in a 10 week, "quartered" schedule to match the secondary school schedules.  Daily attendance for virtual lessons is required for all learners in this model.  You can find an overview of this Scheduled Remote Learning Option HERE.  If you are interested and want to learn more, please contact Vice-Principal Mark Steen at to discuss options.

Graduated and/or Ungraduated Adults: we recommend you contact our eSchool23 Registrar Suzanne Callaghan ( for course selection advice prior to registration.

​Courses are free for residents of BC and count fully towards graduation and university/college prerequisites.

Course offerings for 2020/2021 include:

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS (revised January 2021).pdf


*Courses are free for residents of BC and count fully towards graduation and university/college prerequisites.


​Grade 10:​ ​

Careers 10

FPC Math 10

Workplace Math 10

English (ELA) 10

Science 10

Social Studies 10

​Physical Education 10

Grade 11:

Workplace Math 11

Biology 11 (Life Sciences)

English 11

Pre-Calculus Math 11

Physics 11

Psychology 11

Foundations Math 11

Chemistry 11

Science for Citizens 11

Foods 11

Career Life Connections (11 or 12)

Grade 12:​ ​

English 12

Pre-Calculus Math 12

Calculus Math 12

Foundations Math 12

Apprenticeship Mathematics 12

Biology 12 (Anatomy & Physiology)

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

Social Studies 12: Law Studies

​​Social Studies 12: Physical Geography

​Social Studies 12: 20th Century World History

Social Studies 12: Social Justice

English First Peoples 12

Tourism 12

Foods 12

Work Experience 12

Career Life Connections (11 or 12)
Child Development & Caregiving 12