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Shared Responsibilities: Home & School


Support from the home is essential as we partner with parents/guardians to offer an alternative educational program to students. Student success in this program is therefore contingent on the following responsibilities of the parents/guardians:
  • supervise the learning and create a quiet space to focus
  • monitor student progress in relation to course goals, timelines, and course expectations
  • offer learning support and encouragement
  • ensure regular and prompt attendance for both online and in-person learning
  • arrange for participation in group activities if applicable
  • maintain open and ongoing communication with the teachers


As the educational service provider, we are committed to offering an engaging and meaningful experience for students. We will:
  • provide enriching and engaging learning opportunities
  • co-create criteria, establish attainable goals, assess and adjust pacing and scheduling
  • assess learning and offer descriptive feedback to support learning across the curriculum
  • communicate student learning to students and parents/guardians
  • strive to meet individual student needs
  • facilitate learning and be available to offer support and guidance
  • meet instructional requirements of the BC Ministry of Education and Central Okanagan Public Schools
  • maintain open and ongoing communication with the students and parents/guardian