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Learning for Families

Parent Information: Understanding Anxiety

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Avoiding the Anxiety Trap

Family Learning Session (June 2, 2021)

Anxiety is one of the most commonly experienced yet most distressing emotions that humans face, particularly for children and youth who lack the life experience and skills to cope in a healthy way.  As adults, it is difficult for us to see our children suffering in distress and so we instinctively want to take that suffering away.  As well intended as that is, is it really building the skills our children need to manage worries and stresses in the future?  Is it making the problem better or worse?worse? 

Conversation in this session focused on shifting the way we manage anxiety.  We discussed what anxiety is, what it  wants, and why we can’t give in to it, and presented a new approach to helping our children manage worry and stress - from avoidance to acceptance, learning to tolerate rather than escape, and building the skills your children need to learn to cope better, not feel better. . . . and avoid the anxiety trap!